Training & Internship

Adwaijra Technologies Private Limited,(Govt registered), is booming Ed Tech startup which provide 21st century skills primarily from school to college level. We do this by introducing various courses like robotics, coding, AI,ML, Internet of Things, Web development and many more …. We also provide online  “Training & Internship” programs to those who are willing to pursue training & internship at […]

Robotics Kits

Make your own Robotics , Arduino, College, School, Electronics projects! WIth Adwaijra’s robotics kits, you get all the components to build your own robotics projects and showcase the world your knowledge and talent. Projects List: Line Following Robot Tesla Coil Smart City Lights Smart Highway Lights Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Touch-less Door Bell Touch-less Entry-Exit  Clap Switch  LED Chaser Water […]

A course for everyone

Suggested starting age for student  Coding : 5 years & above                     Robotics : 7 years & above Earlier we had students aged as young as 6 years for robotics and they did exceptionally well.  Robotics Age: 7 years & above Online interactive classes Kit provided Offline Hands on activities Minimum 10 […]

Adwaijra Advantage

Curriculum is designed by our director who had been  Certified Judge for the Technovation Girls 2019-2020 season ( a well known global platform to promote coding among girls and help them to be entrepreneur) Over 3 years of experience , more than 500 student graduated We will help & guide students to participate & present in various school level science, […]

Why Adwaijra’s Robotics?

At Adwaijra we do not use regular pre-programmed building block robotics kits. We teach our students core of the robotics using real components. It starts with fundamentals like resistor, transistor, leds and over period of time reaches to Arduino board and Raspberry Pi.  We often hear from parents who would like their children to learn electronics, programming, and robotics but don’t […]