Why Coding ?

Coding is most important language for today and future career. By year 2030, almost all the professions will be requiring Coding as one of the major skills.The reason behind it ? Automation. We have seen, how Corona changed the entire world and almost all the industries. But one industry stood out is  IT/Software industry. Software sector was untouched by Corona. Most of the programmers are working on software/applications, which are being or will be used to automate other industries.
Robots and software replacing human for any type of repetitive task, means tasks where we keep preforming  same type of activities.
Human brain will be needed only for creative or innovative tasks. and Only those will survive in the competitive world, who are better prepared.
Today’s technologies may not live tomorrow, but knowledge acquired at young age will surely set the correct and strong foundations.

At Adwaijra, we start with block based coding also called as Visual programming from world’s two topmost platforms, Scratch and to set the foundations. Then over the period of time, we move to text based languages, which most of the programmers are using in today’s world like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. 

Benefits of learning coding

Courses offered by us

Fast track courses

These fast track courses gives, flexibility to explore the interest. These are short term courses and helps to get knowledge at much faster pace but systematically.  

Year Long Courses

These year long courses are for serious learners, who want to explore and understand the word of coding completely.  Based on age, learner will become expert in block based languages (Scratch & Code.Org) or text based languages ( HTML, JavaScript, Python etc..).