Why Robotics ?

Robots have always been a captivating piece of technology, programmable to move, make noise, light up, and follow instructions as directed. There is nothing quite as fun — and educational — as building one’s own robot and setting it through the paces of a race, an activity or a challenge.

Benefits of Robotics 

Fast track courses

Adwaijra’s Robotics program is extensive and start with fundamentals lets students create and carry their own smart phone controlled Mars Rover working prototype. This course divided into 5 levels/modules, each module is of 10 Hrs and have visible output at the end. We suggest, students should complete all the modules to demonstrate command over topics but not mandatory. These programs helps students to explore their interest and gives flexibility.

Year Long Courses

Year long programs helps students to complete the entire curriculum, without impacting their regular school routine and still learning robotics for complete 2 years. This is for serious learners 🙂